Sunday, June 9, 2019

How do you think magic makes itself felt in contemporary life Essay

How do you think magic makes itself felt in contemporary life - Essay Example save how can we truly say that a certain situation or feeling is truly magic Like in the movies, one seems to be spue on a spell as we hold our breaths and take in every scene and make it our own. We can see the story unfold in the first place our eyes as how the director sees it in his mind. We are transported into another world, another dimension with each character that somehow looks surreal. We find traces of personality that is distinct and personal, as if our own. And with these movies we can escape even for a few hours, a few minutes the commonplace tragedies that beset our everyday lives.It is also the question of a spiritual being that has created characters such as vampires. These creatures have long been associated as evil and ungodly from the creative minds of writers. Mans fascination with the unknown has spawned various characters, but in todays prevarication these characters are given a m ore valet touch than the stories written centuries ago. Creatures long depicted as human predators are given a human side and can experience the same pains and anguish as that of a common man.The idea of vampires living amongst us is another magical transformation.

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